Email newsletters cannot function as digital versions of their print newsletter.  Specifically, to get email newsletters opened and read, organizations need to lead the newsletter with “value content”– some content that shares expertise that is of value to the recipient.  (Read more about what value content is here.) Value content for a gardening store might be tips that help me become a better gardener.  A winery might lead with tips to help me select wines and pair them with food.  Value content for churches focuses on helping people be better Christians. This site is intended to help pastors and email newsletter editors include quality value content in their email newsletters.  The posts here include topics related to spiritual formation and growth, prayer practices, other spiritual practices from the breadth of the Christian tradition, as well as topics related to congregational dynamics (like a change in pastors) and “why do we do that” topics (like Ash Wednesday).

  • To find articles, use the search box in the upper right, use the topic “cloud” to the right, or browse articles in the order posted by clicking browse.
  • Feel free to edit the posts as necessary.  One earth stewardship post references Lent, for instance, but maybe you will use it at a different part of the year.
  • Links to more information are included in each post.  I don’t guarantee that those links will work, so please check them, and find new (or more appropriate for your church) links as needed.  You will need to create your own links to the material in your email.

This site is in active development, and new content is being added all the time.  If you have an idea for a value content topic or post, please send me an email from the contact page.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


Bet Hannon