Praying_Hands008(1)Sometimes, we hear Christians talk about “giving up” something for Lent.  That “giving up” is really a form of the ancient practice of fasting, a spiritual practice in many major religious traditions.  Christians practice fasting not just during Lent, but all through the year as a way of making space in our lives for God to be more fully present.  When we give up for a time something so basic as food, on which we are dependent, we clarify that we are even more deeply dependent on God.  Wes Ellis writes that in fasting, “we invite God to meet us even at our most basic and fundamental level. We allow God to become more than just another part of our life–[we allow God to become] another necessity alongside air and food. We allow God to transcend and fill all things including our eating and our drinking.”  Read more about fasting here.



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