Make a Money Autobiography

Money is a Spiritual Issue. money picture

Spending, debt, savings, donations, all reveal something about our life journey and spiritual well being.  John Wesley knew this in the 1700’s.  He wrote much about the suffering of the poor, the accumulation of wealth at the expense of others, and the problems of debt.  These are all issues that we still wrestle with today. Our relationship to money and material possessions helps to define who we are, what we value, what we believe, and how we live.  Jesus speaks more about money than about prayer or forgiveness, and his emphasis is that a healthy relationship to money and possessions is key to realizing our full potential as children of God. A “money autobiography” is a reflection on the role and influence of money and material possessions in our lives.  It challenges us to explore the past to see how our attitudes, assumptions and values about money were formed, and helps us to wrestle with our needs, our wants and our lifestyle choices.  To read more about making a Money Autobiography, click here.

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