Nativity Sets at Advent & Beyond

Got a nativity set that you’re pulling out in preparation for Christmas? Use it as a tool for observing Advent, Christmas & Epiphany.  Families with children might especially enjoy these practices, but anyone can find them meaningful.

Set up the barn area with only a few animals, and in the days leading up to Christmas, move Mary & Joseph through the house, each day a little closer to the barn.  Children might enjoy each night acting out the holy couple asking for shelter and being turned away.  On December 23, have Mary & Joseph arrive at the barn.  On the night of Dec. 24, add the Christ-child.  In subsequent nights add shepherds and sheep.  Traditionally, it’s Epiphany (Jan. 6, the “Twelfth day of Christmas”) when the magi and their camels come.  If your family is musical, you can add some carol singing to your nativity set spiritual practice.

With these simple practices, remember and help your household to experience the birth of the Christ-child in our midst this season.



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