Prayer of Examen

Reflecting on the Year Past and Every Day

New Years Day is traditionally a time for making resolutions, but more broadly for taking stock, reflecting on the year gone by, and reflecting on hoped-for changes for the year to come.

Prayer of Examen, a prayer practice which comes to us from St. Ignatius of Loyola, invites us to reflect daily using these queries:

Where did you sense God’s presence?

Where did you sense God’s absence?

Where is God inviting you to make changes?

While this prayer practice is perhaps most effectively practiced at the end of each day, it can also be used to reflect over the last year.  Sometimes it is most helpful not to move in a chronological order (January to December), but either backward (December to January) or in a more random, event-based order.

To read more about prayer of examen, including more specific instructions for daily practice, click here.

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