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Silence is Essential in Prayer

Most of us think about prayer as “talking to God”.  There are long and deep traditions of Christian prayer that focus instead on silence and stillness in God’s presence.  Pastor and spiritual writer Chris Erdman argues that silence is essential in prayer.  Read his blog post here.    

Prayer without Words

Sometimes (perhaps often), we think of prayer as words directed at God.  Even if we view prayer as a conversation, it still seems word-focused.  Frederick Schmidt writes about prayer without words: “Prayer shaped by conversation in mystery is marked by unspoken prayer — those transparent moments when the distance and the love overwhelm us in the…

Reverence: The Practice of Paying Attention

Teach us to care and not to care; teach us to sit still.   -T.S. Eliot Barbara Brown Taylor calls our attention the spiritual practice of “reverence”, a prayerful being-in-the-moment with God, ourselves, others, even creation.  This chapter of  Taylor’s book, “An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith” has been adapted by Kate Huey…