Welcoming the Stranger

Hospitality as Spiritual Practice “Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.” Romans 12:13

In the Bible, offering hospitality is a moral imperative. God’s people remember that they were once strangers and refugees who were taken in by God. In the Bible, the Greek word xenos means “stranger”, but also “guest” and “host”. From xenos comes the New Testament word for hospitality: philoxenia means a love of the guest/stranger or enjoyment of hosting guests. Can you think of a time when you really enjoyed being a host to others?  And a time when you were the guest of a gracious host?  Do you notice how whenever Jesus shares meals with others, “guests” become “hosts” and “hosts” become “guests”? Ana Maria Pineda writes: “To welcome the stranger is to acknowledge him as a human being made in God’s image; it is to treat her as one of equal worth with ourselves – indeed, as one who may teach us something out of the richness of experiences different from our own.” To explore more about hospitality as a spiritual practice, click here.

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